REFrame 1/2023 at REFSQ 2023

1st International Workshop on Requirements Engineering Frameworks

Workshop at REFSQ 2023

REFrame 1/2023 has taken place on 17 April 2023 at REFSQ 2023 in Barcelona, the 29th International Working Conference on Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality.

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The REFrame workshop aims to bring together a diversity of people who are interested in reflecting on and discussing current research, challenges, and experiences related to science-driven development and industrially relevant application of frameworks for requirements engineering.

Moreover, the workshop is intended to identify future research topics and collaboration possibilities – even beyond the scope of the workshop – with the ultimate goal of collaboratively building and publishing a compendium of frameworks (respectively best practices) that can be used and applied when it comes to solving RE-specific challenges.

As a special issue of this first edition, the workshop takes up the main theme of REFSQ’23 “Human Values in RE” both in the call of papers, the invited talks(s), and the interactive discussion sessions.

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